Planet Travelogue

Before you Google...please know that Google is a search engine that will find plenty of “stuff” on your subject. 
However, much of the information is not reliable, accurate and authoritative.

Be careful when you use information gathered from websites on Google – no one checks information posted on these sites. 
Instead – USE A DATABASE!  Databases contain information that is reliable – it has been edited and fact-checked by professionals.





ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA:  General encyclopedia


Reliable Websites:


        NASA -Exploring the Universe

        The Nine Planets

        Windows to the Universe


To Find a Book:  use the Library Catalog:

·        From the Media Center website, click on Seneca Online Catalog

·        Type in your topic, Click on Search

·        A list of books that the Media Center has will appear. 

·        Print out the list and search the shelves or ask Ms. R./ Ms. Donoghue to help you find the books.