Class Projects

Ms. Cerutti-- Psychological Disorders

Ms. Cerutti--Psychology Careers and your Resume

Ms. Cerutti--Famous Psychologists

Science Careers

Mr. Bush - Alternative Energy

Kitchen and Dining Room Template

Teen Issues Research

Controversial Issues Research

Mr. Cassel-- Historical Events in Literature

Ms. Ritter - Foods Projects

Mr. Cassel--Author/Literary Research

Mr. Framo-- Personality Disorders

Internet Evaluation

Ms. Sarnese-- Frankenstein Research

Mrs. Ritter--  Interior Design

Mrs. Ritter-- Interior Design Template

Ms. Grieb-- Romeo and Juliet Project

Art Major Career Research

Mr. Jenson-- Cold War

Ms. Stapleford-- Africa Resources

Mr. Repsher/ Mr. Kennevan-- Africa Resources

Mrs. Witts-- Mathematician's Resume

Mrs. Supal-- Controversial Issues

Ms. Carlani-- Classification Research

Mr. Framo-- Drug Research

Cultures of the World

Portrait of a Killer

Planet Travelogue

Mrs. Smith-- Toy Safety

Mr. Panarella-- Short Stories

The Reader's Cafe

Mrs. Marques-- Math in Literature

Ms. Stapleford - Israel/Palestine Conflict

Music Research

Volunteer - Find a Cause!

Mrs. Datz-- Young Adult Literature

Banned Books

Mr. Manna--  Human Rights

Ms. McNamara - Drug Research

Mr. Nahill Databases

Mr. Fisher - STD Research

Ms. Gibson-- Poet Resources

Civil War Research

Mr. Framo-- Psychological Treatments

Mr. Manna-- Dracula

Ms. Stapleford-- Current News in China

Mr. Black--Controversial Issues

Mrs. Anderson--Fashion

Mr. Davidson--Body Systems Project

Ms. Grieb--Author Research

Mrs. Datz/Mrs. Strittmatter-- 1930's Racism
    Internet Evaluation
    Notes Pages

Mr. Cassel-- Controversial Topics

Ms. Kraemer--Mathematician's Resumes
    Resume Template
    Archimedes Resume
    Cover Letter Template

Mr. Manna--Poet Biographies

Mr. Repsher--Election Resources

Mrs. Ritter - Intro. to Living Career Project


Last updated 09/22/2006