Mr. Nahill-- Word Research


ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA:  General encyclopedia

EbscoHost:  Current newspaper/magazine articles using your word

·        Click on EbscoHost

·        Click on EBSCOHost Web

·        Click on MasterFile Premier

·        Type in your word in the top box, MAKE SURE THE FULL-TEXT box is checked

·         Click on Search

·        A list of articles will appear, click on the blue to bring up the article

·        The article should be at the bottom of the page, if it is NOT, click on PDF Full Text.

·        The information you need for your bibliography is at the top of the page (author, source, date, pages, etc).

FACTS ON FILE:  HISTORY REFERENCE CENTER—  Encyclopedia information about your word

·        Click on Facts on File Databases

·        Scroll down and click on History Reference Center

·        Type in your word in the search box on the left.

·        Click Search

·        Your results will appear.  Click on the blue subject links for a list of articles.

·        Click on the blue link to bring up your entry.

·        MLA citation information is at the bottom of the entry.

Novelist:  Find fiction books about your topic