Biology Career Resources:



Why not use Google?


Google is a website search engine that will find you plenty of “stuff” on your subject…

however, much of this information is not reliable, accurate, or authoritative. 

     (Please see fake pyramid at:


The point is, that to gather reliable and accurate information it is important to know where the information

comes from and who puts it out there.  Anyone can put anything they want onto a website (and they do!). 

So instead of going to a search engine – try using a database.


A database will contain information that is reliable – it has been fact-checked and edited by professionals. 

The Seneca Media Center offers several databases that will help you with your research:


Facts on File Database:



Career Cruising Database:



See also the info and links put on the Media Center Website under Subject Area Research 

        then go to Colleges and Careers.


In Part III of your project you are required to construct a resume.  Consider using the resume wizard

        found in WORD.

        Open a new document - New from template - General templates - click on Other Documents tab -

        click on Resume Wizard....and begin!


In Part VI of your project you are to document your sources that you used for this portfolio – we’ve made

it easier for you to list where you got your information from…

Go to the Media Center page and click on MLA Formats.  Print the sections you need, fill in the blank spaces,

and then transfer it into your paper exactly as you filled it out.


If you used Fergusen’s Career Guidance Center – you can copy and paste the

Text Citation at the end of each article!


See Miss R or Mrs. Donoghue if you have any questions.  Enjoy your project!