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Books You Can Take With You Are in This Number Range:

780, 781, 920


When Searching Our Catalog or Databases, Use These Terms:

music, popular music, jazz, classical, blues, gospel, rock music, composer


Helpful Reference Books:

Baker's Student Encyclopedia of Music        REF 780 BAKERS

HarperCollins Dictionary of Music                REF 780 AMMER

Great Composer's and Their Works            REF 780 SLONIMSK

Billboard Encyclopedia of Rock                REF 781.66 BILLBOAR


Suggested Magazine and Journal Resources:


EbscoHost:  Reference books,  Magazine and Newspaper articles

SIRS:  Magazine and Newspaper articles



Entertainment Weekly

Guitar World

Rolling Stone


Helpful Websites:

Music Hotlist:  Websites compiled by the Franklin Institute

Historic American Sheet Music:  Original sheet music from 18509-1920

Ethnomusicology:  Information about the study of music and its relationship to culture from Minnesota State University

World Wide Internet Music Resources:  Links to composers, musicians, and types of music.

Music Library:  Includes links to Music History Sites, Music Theory Sites, Ethnomusicology Sites, Blues and Jazz Sites


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Compiled by:

Amy Rominiecki