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Books You Can Take With You Are in This Number Range:



When Searching Our Catalog or Databases, Use These Terms:

history, economics, government, civil war, world history, politics


Helpful Reference Books:

Dictionary of History Documents        REF 016.90908 DICTIONA

Women's Firsts:  Milestones in Women's History        REF 305.4 WOMENS

History in Dispute:  Water and the Environment Since 1945    REF 331.91 HISTORY

Court Room Drama:  120 of the World's Most Notable Trials    REF 347.07 COURTROO

Lend Me Your Ears:  Great Speeches in History        REF 808.85 LEND

UXL History Factfinder            REF 909 UXL

Middle Ages                            REF 909.07 MIDDLE

20th Century Day by Day        REF 909.82 20th

Oxford Atlas of World History    REF 911 OXFORD

Our Nation's Archive:  The History of the United States in Documents        REF 973 OUR

Atlas of African American History        REF 973 CIMENT


Suggested Magazine and Journal Resources:


EbscoHost:  Reference books,  Magazine and Newspaper articles

SIRS:  Magazine and Newspaper articles

Facts on File History Database:  Encyclopedia and book information

Encyclopedia Britannica:  General encyclopedia



National Geographic


U.S. News and World Report


Helpful Websites:


History of Economic Thought:  Economics from a historical perspective

Economics Materials:  Definitions of key economic terms


Directory of Local and State Governments

U.S. Code:  Look up the latest U.S. Code by keyword or number

CIA World Factbook:  Government/population/Geographic/Economic information about countries from around the world

White House:  Official site of the President of the United States

Census Bureau:  Census information about the United States


Eyewitness to History:  Information about World History from all time periods

American Memory Collection:  Digital images from American History

Digital History:  Interactive maps, digital textbook, primary source documents from World History.

Countries of the World

Africa Studies Center:  Links to information about African countries from the University of Pennsylvania

Library of Congress Country Studies:  History, economics, geography, foreign relations about countries of the World


First World War:  Provides an overview of World War I.  Includes biographies, time lines and pictures.

The Gulf War:  PBS presents and in-depth look at the Gulf War.

Valley of the Shadow:  Compares two communities, one Northern and one Southern, during the Civil War.

World War II Primary Source Documents:  Yale Law School sponsors this site for primary source documents.

Timeline of the Vietnam War:  Presented by The History Place




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Amy Rominiecki