Seneca Clubs

Amnesty International

Seneca's Chapter of Amnesty International USA is a club which protests human rights abuses world wide.  Members send letters to government officials requesting the release of political prisoners or investigations into cases of disappearances as well as cards to those who are unjustly imprisoned.  The club picks a country annually  and does a special project, which they also use to publicize the work of AI in the school.

Advisor: TBA


Art Club

The art club is open to all students interested in learning more about art.  The club may opt to work on class projects, learn new techniques, or work on a group project.  Art club meets once a week from 2:30-4:00, except during the winter season.  Art major students are encouraged to be the leaders.  The Art Club goes on at least one field trip a year.  For the past several years the Art Club has gone to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C..

Advisor:  Mrs. Hudnut


Chess Club

Meets bi-monthly during the school year. The club is designed to enhance the appreciation of chess and provide an opportunity to compete in intramural or scrimmage meets.

Advisor: Mrs. Langan


Comedy Club

Advisor: Mr. Black


Debate Club

This club is for all students interested in the art of debating.  Students will have an opportunity to learn the basic forms and will compete in the South Jersey Debate League. This is a highly competitive club.

Advisor: Ms. Betts


DECA (Marketing Club)

DECA, a vocational student membership organization, provides incentives for achievement and opportunities to apply marketing instruction through competitive events on the regional, state, and national levels.  This club helps to create a positive self-concept, contributes to personal development and establishes an understanding of the civic and ethical responsibilities of business.  This awareness often leads to activities that show caring about others, such as community improvement projects or fund-raising for the homeless.

Advisor: Mrs. McCloskey


Environmental Club

Meets bi-monthly on Thursdays from October - May in Room C211. The club has guest speakers, informational videos, and letter writing campaigns.  On occasion, members participate in community activities on Sat. or Sun.

Advisor: Mr. Downing



Future Business Leaders of America is a national and state organization whose goals are to develop competent, aggressive leadership; strengthen confidence of students in themselves and their work; create interest in and understanding of American business enterprise; encourage members to participate in projects which contribute to the improvement of home, business, and community; develop character and foster patriotism; encourage and practice efficient money management; encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty; assist students in establishing occupational goals and facilitate the members' transition from school to work.

Advisor: Mrs. Costello


First Robotics Club


Advisor:  Mr. DiVincenzo

French Club

If you are presently studying or have completed at least one year of French, you are invited to join "le cercle fransaais," to experience another culture.  Money raised from various activities helps pay for trips to French plays, movies or restaurants, or for a visit to another city such as New York, Baltimore, or Washington.

Advisor: Mrs. Weber


Future Chefs of America

Future Chefs of America is a club  that exposes students to the art of food preparation and the many cuisines of the world.  Activities include bake sales, food stands, after school preparation, guest speakers, and field trips.

Advisor: Mrs. Ritter


Future Educators of America

This activity is available to all students interested in exploring a career in education.  FTA will sponsor meetings, guest speakers, seminars, and field trips.

Advisor: Ms. Vandyke


German Club

The German Club is designed for German students interested in learning more about the German culture.  Club activities include in-school meetings and club sales, as well as out-of-school field trips to places of interest.

Advisor: Mrs. Pocek


Interact Club

Interact is a service organization sponsored by Rotary International.  Our club works with the Medford-Vincentown Rotary in two areas: fund- raising for local charities, and working individually with those in need.  Our annual projects include delivery of Thanksgiving baskets to the needy.  Our motto is "Help Us Help Others."

Advisor: Ms. Pulford



Italian Club

Add a new dimension to your exposure of language.  Join us in the Italian Club for planning and experiencing Italian art, culture, and heritage.  To accomplish these goals, our  members participate in a variety of activities including field trips and fund raisers.

Advisor: Mrs. DiMattia-Conti


Knowledge Bowl

This activity is designed for students who enjoy trivia and competition.  Seneca students compete against other high schools in modified Jeopardy format.

Advisor: Ms. Rominiecki


Latin Club

The Latin Club is to be an extension of the classroom.  The  members participate in activities which simulate the customs of ancient Rome.  Roman holidays are observed; some in the traditional Roman tunic or toga.

Advisor: Mr. DiCenso


Literary Appreciation Club

Advisor: Mrs. Peraria


Literary Club

Advisor:  Ms. Rominiecki

Math Club

Math club members attend and participate in after school math competitions against mathletes from other Burlington County High Schools and also compete in New Jersey Math League contests.

Advisor: Mrs. Byrd


National Honor Society

Students must have a 3.25 GPA after their sophomore year to be eligible. 

National Honor Society Selection

Advisor: Ms. Lewis


Newspaper Club

Advisor: Ms. Vandyke



The club recognizes and promotes positive accomplishments of the students, faculty, and staff at Seneca High School.  The club highlights respect, citizenship, and reinforces academic performances.

Advisors: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Langan



Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) promotes awareness of the dangers of drunk driving.  We urge personal and peer responsibility in situations where alcohol is available, and encourage communication between teens and their parents when issues about alcohol arise.

Advisor: Ms. Lawler &Ms. Johnson


Science League

The science league is a competitive academic club.  Students who participate visit different schools and compete in the areas of earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Advisor: Mrs. Berezansky


School Comedy/Drama

Advisor:  Mr. Fisicaro

Seneca Stars

Advisor: Mr. Williams


Sign Language Club

Advisor: Mrs. Black


Spanish Club

Spanish club is open to any student who is currently or who has ever studied Spanish.  Cultural activities such as plays, restaurant visits, and talks by exchange students are encouraged.  Students raise money each year for a year-end day trip to such places as the UN, the Mexican Embassy, etc.

Advisor: Mrs. Skalski


Student Athletic Trainers

Students who wish to enter the field of athletic medicine, or simply wish to get involved in an important and interesting activity are invited to sign up as student athletic trainers.  This is a responsible position; only students who are dependable and mature need apply.  Student trainers will learn many skills and work closely with our athletic teams.

Advisor: Mr. Havens


Student Council

The school's governing body.  The officers and representatives promote class spirit and unity, also plan and organize activities in the school.

Advisors: Mr. Horner, Mr. Jensen, Mrs. Stapleford


Technology Students Association

The  Technology Students Association is an organization geared towards making students aware of the technological progress around them.  The awareness goes beyond just the club members with is projects throughout the school year, displays, and competitions with the common theme of technology.  Students learn how to incorporate such advancements with everyday life and with the interaction of people which is most important at this point in time in the world.  It is understandable to have a desire to learn about the technology which plays a dramatic role in our lives.  This organization attempts to make that role more clear and comprehensible.

Advisor: Mr. Konowicz


Varsity Club- Boys and Girls

The Boy's and Girl's Varsity Clubs are a collaboration of varsity athletes who are interested in promoting sportsmanship and team unity.  Their activities involve fundraisers, such as pretzel and candy sales.  The zenith of their year is the sports awards which are held at the end of each season, where the club recognizes and honors the school's outstanding athletes in each sport for their superior accomplishments.

Advisors: Mr. Bauer, Mr. Glossner, Mrs. Brinkman, Ms. Datz



World Affairs Council

The World Affairs Council is affiliated with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.  The club provides opportunities for students to meet and interact with world leaders, government officials, and business leaders.  Students participate in mock United Nations and informative seminars on world issues.  Any student can join the club to pursue an interest in current events and world issues.

Advisor: Mrs. Stapleford



Advisor: Mr. Nahill