Fall and Winter Athletes

To be eligible for fall and winter athletics, you must have earned 27.5 credits during the previous school year.

Spring Athletes

To be eligible for spring athletics, you must have earned 13.75 credits at the end of the first semester.

Use the worksheet below to determine if you have enough credits to assure your eligibility to participate in athletics.

Course Semester Credits Attempted Semester Credits Earned Full Year Credits Attempted Full Year Credits Earned
 English 2.5   5  
 Math 2.5   5  
 Science 2.5-3   5 or 6  
 Health/PE 2   4  
 Elective 2.5   5  
 Elective 2.5   5  
 Elective/Study Hall 2.5   5  

17 or 17.5


34 or 35


Must be greater than or equal to 13.75


Must be greater than or equal to 27.5


Dates for Determining a Student's Eligibility (Age)

All Sports - September 1

An athlete becomes ineligible for high school athletics if he/she attains the age of nineteen (19) prior to September 1.  However, any athlete attaining age nineteen on or after September 1 shall be eligible for the ensuing school year.  A 9th grade student becomes ineligible for 9th grade athletics if he/she attains the age of sixteen (16) prior to September 1.


The schedule for Sports Physicals will be posted.  These will be the only dates available for the Sports Medical Examinations.  There will be no make-ups.   If students are unable to attend the sports physicals scheduled in their school, they may attend one of the other schools.  Sports physicals must be done after June 15 to be valid for the following school year.

The Medical History Questionnaire must be completed by the parent or legal guardian prior to the medical examination given by the school physician.  If the medical examination is given by a private physician, the Questionnaire and the Sports Medical Examination form must be completed and returned to the trainer or the respective athletic coach before your child will be allowed to participate.  THIS IS THE ONLY FORM THAT WILL BE ACCEPTED.